Last time i was happy was when you were mine.


honestly the ideal date would be eating takeout Chinese in our pjs while watching Netflix and you play with my hair

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Don’t you think that i don’t want to talk to you. I am only afraid that i would start crying instead of just saying “hello.”

I met you, you said you missed me and it felt like home to be in your arms again. We were walking around, holding hands,… too bad i woke up and realized i was just dreaming…

My life is a mess and sometimes i feel like i’m perfectly fine but then always something happens and i start thinking about you again and every fucking time i realize that all the days when i was ok were just an illusion, because i still love you, even if you will never be mine again, and what i do is i bury my emotions deep down in my heart and think they will dissappear, but they are still here, and i just don’t know how could i let myself end up in this situation, how could i let you destroy me from the inside. It’s like you were my all world and i’m just nobody, and i feel like all the years we’ve spent together meant nothing to you, because you’re totally fine and i’m here all broken, still crying over you. I just wish we never met. I’ve made mistakes, I know, but i don’t deseve this, i really don’t.